bay window with white curtains

Tracks and Poles, for every situation

From simple hand drawn tracks beneath pelmets to a more contemporary metal curtain pole, Moonlight Textiles will have the ideal way to add a touch of style to your windows.

Providing products from all the large, well known manufacturers and the not-so-well-known bespoke made ranges, we can offer something to suit all styles and budgets.

Bay window tracks and poles are our speciality. Our in-house team of professional installers have been fitting metal hand-drawn, cord-drawn and wrought iron poles into South Yorkshire and Derbyshire's bay windows for almost 30 years.

Awkward  shaped windows?

Its the awkward shapes that look so wonderful, but are so tricky to fit.

Expertise, cutting edge technology and years of experience mean we can find a solution for most size or shape of window, including those awkward bays!

The Silent Gliss Metropole system is one of our preferred tracks for bays. Available in three different diameters, a dozen different finishes including Classic Gold, Wood Effect, Graphite and Chrome, all with the option of hand draw, corded and electrical operation. With the addition of the 'Wave' glider option, it's no wonder they are a best seller.